Computer Design

Design for large format, dimensional, murals, vehicle wraps, print, and web.

Design & Installation

Design & Installation of Graphics

Projects where I was responsible for creation of the graphics, producing the graphics and installing the design on a vehicles or flatwork.


Installation Only

Contract installation of graphics.  Interior and exterior walls, glass, misc flat surfaces and vehicle installations.

Engineered Graphics

Graphic Engineering

Graphics engineered to exact vehicle specifications intended for mass production.  Designs are specific to vehicle type.

SONIC 6.jpg
Color Change

Vehicle Color Change

Full color change vehicle wraps

About 41thirty
As a Creative Director, Designer, Project Manager and Installer I have been lucky enough to collaborate with many talented people and great companies.  This website is a small visual sampling of some of those projects.  
My career path has guided me through the ever changing landscape of design and printing, from offset lithography and screenprinting to digital printing.  The equipment and substrates have been as varied as the printing techniques.
While my path started with design, production management, and project management, creative management has been in my blood from the begining.  My skill sets and knowledge have evolved as much as the printing industry itself.
I have a fascination for creating, learning and teaching and it fuels my personal growth.      

Superior, Colorado

Email: | Tel: 720-352-7402

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